Cast Iron Pizza Dough

In addition to 5 cutting-edge cast iron bakeware, Lodge has redesigned 4 of its maximum famous existing baking pans, just like the pizza pan, loaf pan, wedge pan, and cornstick pan. Most function a.

Just seize that solid iron skillet! Throw it within the oven to preheat for approximately ten minutes till its best and warm. Pull it out (dont forget about to put on an oven mit!) and place your raw pizza dough proper on.

After 20 minutes, press the dough into bottom of your cast iron skillet (I am using a 10.

Carefully cast off the pizza from the skillet with a spatula, slice and revel in! *If Brussels sprouts.

Scorching warm solid iron is best in case your intention is toasty, crunchy and caramelized focaccia, pie crust, meatloaf, pizza or cornbread. Though we havent had a threat to preview the new bakeware.

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You don’t want any unique device, only a mixing bowl, a solid iron or heavy.

Doing because it prevents your pizza from being too wet as soon as it cooked. To make the dough, blend the flour, yeast.

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