Prom Night 1980 Cast

Fear is arguably humanity’s most primal instinct, and our best horror movies on Netflix list will help you tap into that.

Best horror movies on Netflix in June 2020 – Yoga Hosers demonstrates both Smith’s complete lack of care for what people think of his later years and his love of cheesy 1980’s movies.

And one night, when Josef asks Aaron to stay.

Whether it’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in the 1970s, “The Breakfast Club” in the 1980s.

and Sean Penn round out the cast who navigate a California high school in the 1970s.

I told him I have not worn one of these literally since prom," Johnson.

decides to wear on Oscar night, Rian Johnson will have one thing on for certain: a gold 1980s Rolex Datejust once owned.

In this picture book biography about the artist and muralist, Burgess and Cochran show how Haring’s iconic pop art and graffiti-like style transformed the NYC underground in the 1980s.

Curse of the.

If you’re in the mood for gratuitous gore, cheesy dialogue, and hours of jump scares, these horror films are the perfect way.

Pierce Brosnan is set to star in sci-fi thriller ‘Youth’. The former James Bond actor is reportedly set to portray ad-tech engineer Joel in Brett Marty’s big screen adaptation of the short he.

GSHS production of ‘Footloose’ is all about having fun and cutting loose – If there were one word to describe the 1980s, “upbeat” might be one of them.

“Footloose,” for this year’s production. With a cast of 50 high school students, McRaith was also looking for something.

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