Long Tail Cast On In Knitting

Learn how to Cast On Knitting Stitches for beginners in 3 easy steps with my close-up photo and video tutorial demonstrating the Long-Tail Cast On. This is the way most beginners prefer to place yarn onto your knitting needle in preparation for knitting.

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Before you knit, you have to get the yarn onto the needle. This process is called “casting on.” There are lots of ways to cast on, but the most common method is the Long Tail Cast On. And even under the rubric of Long Tail Cast On, there are several variations! Below you’ll find two: the Slingshot Method and the Thumb Method.

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The long-tail cast on is a perennial favorite of a lot of knitters, but it can cause some frustration, particularly when you have to cast on a large number of stitches, and when it comes to estimating how long your long tail should be.

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The long-tail cast-on is an easy method that results in a firm yet stretchy edge and uses only one of your needles. This cast-on seems to have a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of it, the long-tail cast-on is fast and even. Just make sure you cast on loosely enough, or [.


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The long-tail cast on method is versatile and will work for almost any knitting project. Better yet, the cast on makes a row of bumps that count as a row of knitting. If you’re working the stockinette stitch , you can start with a purl row instead of a knit row when you cast on with this method.

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The long tail cast on is a great all-purpose cast on. It’s stretchy and has a neat knitted edge. Because it’s generally good for all knitting projects, use the long tail cast on as your default cast on. It won’t fail you. But it can be a bit tricky to do at first. So, follow.

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